What’s Making Me Happy? #14

  • Since I transitioned to the one job (4 days a week) I’ve been writing a lot more. I should clarify: I’m not prolific by any means. By ‘writing a lot more’ I actually mean ‘writing sometimes’ as opposed to my usual ‘very occasionally’ or ‘not at all’. I’ve submitted a few pieces to various journals/websites/magazines in the past couple of weeks and am figuratively barricading my ego for the inevitable stream of rejections. Yay! Update: SO many rejections. So many. Haven’t stopped submitting though.
  • I bought a new bookcase! Those that have been exposed to Michael’s rants about how I need a new bookcase will know that I have rejected every possible suggestion from him for the past 3 years. But come on, they were all from IKEA and if I’m going to spend money on a piece of furniture I want to like it. At the old house there wasn’t really space for a bigger one, so it wasn’t much of a priority for me. I went looking at second-hand shops a few weeks ago and came across this gem! I also got it pretty cheap, which is nice because I am not a rich lady. I am a middle-to-low income lady with a rich lady’s bookcase.


  • Don’t tell anyone but I was on Pinterest the other day, stuck in one of those click-through loops Pinterest clearly intends you to never get out of and I found myself looking at inspirational quotes. Nothing too corny (FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS), but you know, they’re inspirational quotes; they always have a kind of lame-ness attached to them. Anyway, after reading several I felt moved to cover myself in tattoos. Then I remembered that I’m not really the full body tattoo type. I like this one though.


My anxiety can get a bit out of control and this seems like good enough advice. After exposing myself to so much positivity though I had to even things out with a little cynicism.

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  • This post Things People Say When You Tell Them You’re a Vegetarian/Vegan. Favourite bit: “But seriously, you must miss bacon.”
    “I didn’t actually eat a ton of bacon. I was more of a sausage guy. IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. (I mean that I preferred sausage to bacon when I was a meat-eater.)”
  • So I talked about the podcast Terrified in my last post and I’ve almost listened to all the available episodes. It’s really great! One of my favourites has been the episode with Drew Koshgarian. They kind of naturally fall into this great conversation about feminism, comedy and psychology that’s really engaging. One of the things I like so much about this podcast is that Dave Ross seems so open to other people’s points of view, and in this particular episode you can hear a light-bulb moment or two in the sound of his voice that’s really neat. Not that I’ve found him out of touch with feminism in his other episodes, but the conversation they have in this one is a great example of how even people who consider themselves inclusive in their personal politics can forget their privilege (myself included – mostly straight white lady here). Drew Koshgarian was awesome, and she also spoke about the intersection between her personal ethics and comedy which was enlightening. Listen to it!
  • This:


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