QuizUp: Feminism and Popular Culture, a thinly veiled lecture


Brought to you by a lady recovering from a fractured elbow. She played too much QuizUp.


Round One


In Joss Whedon’s Buffy The Vampire Slayer Willow breaks up with Oz because…

A) Willow is a lesbian

B) Oz cheats on her

C) The concept of highschool sweethearts is narratively and socially limiting

D) Oz drives a van


You selected A) Willow is a lesbian

Trick question. Willow is bisexual. She was pretty into Oz and had a raging ladyboner for Xander for roughly one hundred years. They also kind of break up when Oz leaves college after he has sex with that werewolf lady, unknowingly and then totally knowingly. What a jerk, am I right? But also sexuality is complex and college is all about experimentation. C), the answer is C).


Round Two


In HBO’s Game of Thrones Cersei Lannister drinks a lot of wine because…

A) Sadness

B) Patriarchy

C) It’s a good vintage

D) Drunk Cersei is funny


You selected D) Drunk Cersei is funny

Yes, but also no. The answer is B). Cersei is bummed about being a woman and suffers from internalised misogyny. She has not been afforded the same privileges as her brother/lover/rapist* and this drives her to drink, which is fair enough. Tywin Lannister is also a very shit dad, and forced her to marry Robert Baratheon against her will for political purposes. If the modern world was like Westeros you would hit the sauce pretty hard too.


Round Three


In JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series Hermione Granger is in love with…

A) Ron Weasley

B) Harry Potter

C) Hogwarts: A History

D) Draco Malfoy


You selected A) Ron.

I don’t know. I mean, sure, yeah. I guess. But if you think about it the answer is really C). She mentions Hogwarts: A History repeatedly over the course of the seven book series and is absolutely incensed that no one else has realised how amazing it is. She even takes it with her when she, Harry and Ron traipse around the countryside looking for Horcruxes. Ron abandons her but Hogwarts: A History never will. Reading is Hermione’s first love. Freckles can’t compete with that.


Round Four


In AMC’s Breaking Bad Skyler White is…

A) A bitch

B) Not a bitch


Pop up notification: A) cannot be selected. 

You selected B).

Correct, Skyler is not a bitch.


Round Five


In Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games Peeta’s character is…

A) Attractive

B) Not Gale

C) A subversion gender roles

D) 40% bread, 60% person

E) All of the above


You selected C) A subversion gender roles

So close, but the answer is E). He is all these things. Attractive, not-Gale, maternal and maimed, bread-faced Peeta. He’s the whole package, except for the bread shaped hole where his not-Katniss thoughts should be. A) is also an acceptable answer.


Round Six


Ross and Rachel were…

A) On a break

B) Not on a break

C) Part of an all white TV cast with very little diversity


You selected A) On a break

Incorrect. While well-loved, Friends is about a group of white people with boundary issues and white people problems who seem to live fairly comfortably in an expensive city without having to go to work very often. Also Ross is crazy jealous. RED FLAG RACHEL, RED FLAG.


Last Round


Tina Fey’s Liz Lemon or Amy Poehler’s Leslie Knope. Which is Better?

A) Liz Lemon

B) Leslie Knope

C) Pitting women against one another creates a false dichotomy.


You selected B) Leslie Knope.

As Liz Lemon would say ‘ blerg’. The answer is C). They’re both great. Automatically positioning women in competition with one another excludes the possibility of genuine friendship. Having said that, Leslie Knope should be officially honoured by making February 13th Galentines Day a real holiday, waffles mandatory.


*See all of the Internet (HBO’s Jaime, not Bookverse-Jaime)

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